Perseverance has become constant theme among those who have overcome great odds to achieve their dreams and goals. A common ground among those who persevered and achieved their dreams is not quitting when the road towards success got tough. Perseverance is what made them stick to their conviction and determination to keep moving forward regardless of the enormity of the challenges along the way. But perseverance alone is not enough. Going through a tough road doesn’t mean they walked standing tall all the time. They had to fall down along the way, but resilience allowed them to stand back up and continue on, treading more carefully and steadily.

What exactly are perseverance and resilience?

Perseverance is commonly associated with being steadfast in mastering skills or completing a task; it is akin to having a commitment to learning.

Resilience tends to be defined as the ability to bounce back or recover after adversity or frustration; it is the ability to be able to manage and adapt to sources of stress or adversity.

By definition perseverance and resilience seem to have no common ground to start from, but in reality these two qualities can determine how successful you will become in life. Thus, it is only appropriate to spend time exploring the roles played by perseverance and its relationship to resilience the success.

Simply put, perseverance can be referred to as stubbornness with a purpose. We all have a certain level of stubbornness within us. When stubbornness is driven and guided by a goal, it is developed into perseverance. It can take some work and discipline to develop perseverance to its full potential. The good news is several studies indicate that we all have the ability to cultivate perseverance. This particular kind of stubbornness in perseverance is useful for us to keep pursuing our dreams despite pretty much everything life is throwing right now is a little harder and reaching our goals may take a little longer that we hope them to be.

For perseverance to effectively work, you need to have control over whatever obstacles you may encounter and the accompaniment of the ability to manage or rid yourself of whatever obstacles you may encounter so that you can continue on your way towards your dream. Although many of us may not have circumstances within our control, all us of can control how we choose respond.

This is where resilience takes the rein. Resilience enables you to shorten your recovery time from adverse situations, failures and disappointments. Resilience can enable you to quickly and effectively manage unexpected change, push through and go past obstacles and find opportunities for growth.

Persevering is not about doing the same thing over and over to get closer to your desired outcome. It is more like the careful planning and execution. Working close by is resilience, which allows you to learn working with the resources that you and making the most out of them. For success to be achieved, we simply need to learn what does and doesn’t work and adjust our actions and strategy as necessary so that you can keep moving forward.


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