Constantly, we are all bound to face multifarious unexpected challenges and trials in life. Some of which would lift us high while some would knock us down to the point that we are dragged and weakened. It has always been part of our daily experience. Some of it would cripple our very soul and make us feel so helpless. We then tend to refuse to get up. Thus, this would lead to failure.


Failure in not engendered from falling down. It is the result of not getting back up and when we settle to be weak after we fall. We fail when we let ourselves to be deeply affected to the extent that we deny our opportunity to rise up.


Life is not always on the easy side. It is not always what we want it to be. But we should not let this be the reason to be stagnant and lose our sense of direction. When we fail we should not neglect and deprive ourselves from trying again. We should not lose our grip of faith. We should stand back up even when we find ourselves rock bottom and short of our expectations. We should not embrace our lack of drive and motivation to continue to climb up and endure.


We should always remember and realize that failure in not the end part of the process. Instead, it is the part where we are tested and measured as to how far we will go. It is an obstacle in the course of our journey and plays a big part in our adventure. It is true! We all do fail but not all of us lose our spirit and hope.


In history, even the best of the best fall down sometimes. But they did not let this bad spot be the reason to not succeed. They did not let failure govern them fully but they use this circumstance as a motivation to achieve greater heights. We should take them and how they reacted to failure as examples and inspiration for us to fire up again our desires and dreams. We should not directly accept defeat even in the toughest times. We should be firm enough and bring with us the positive attitude that will fuel us to start up again. We should continue to persevere in everything we do no matter what the outcomes are.


Failure is not failure in itself but it teaches us a lesson. A lesson that will help us to dig deeper in ourselves and our core values. It allows us to gain and realize our full potential. We should learn from our mistakes and shortcomings and not repeat the same fault. We should use these experiences to better ourselves the next time around and continue forward. We should keep our toes and find strength from our past experiences.


True success does not depend on the end result – whether good or bad – but it is realize from our inner determination to never give up. We should always take courage and confidence to pick ourselves up and not be afraid to try again. In the end, we should boost up, believe and be back on track to run again in this game called life.


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