“A son of Ghana makes his journey to America after winning the American Diversity Visa Lottery.”

About the Book

From a difficult, rural existence in Ghana to the promise of life in the United States, Living in Two Worlds shows how the necessities of life can be found in perseverance and faith. With inspiring and encouraging stories that chronicle his and his family’s journey, author Sadik Aboagye shares for posterity and for insight both the contrasts and comparisons of life on two sides of the globe.

About the Author

SADIK BOSOMPEM ABOAGYE (Sr.) is currently the executive secretary of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, the umbrella organization of the Ghanaian community in Chicago. He has served in various executive positions in the previous administration of the council, as well as the Asanteman Association of Chicago and Midwest.


“Sabik Aboagye’s book exposes readers to a wide range of topics that have to do with society, culture, and immigration.”

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